• WingtraOne: Importance of Terrain Following

    Terrain Following is a feature in the WingtraPilot app that enables users to plan their surveys without having to worry about manually fine-tuning parameters such as flight altitude. WingtraPilot considers the terrain automatically during flight planning. Once the user indicates the desired area to be covered, the automatically generated flight paths will follow any undulations […]

  • Tailsitters vs. Quadplanes – Why a VTOL Tailsitter Is the Best Surveying Drone for Your Mapping Missions

    Selecting the right drone is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your aerial surveying and mapping project. A drone with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability eliminates the need for a runway, hand launch, or catapult for takeoff, and helps ensure soft landings that protect payloads, the operator, and the drone itself […]

  • An Introduction to Laboratory Balance

    Balances play an integral role in a materials testing laboratory. This article will introduce you to some of the basic terminology associated with balances as well as explain the different variations that exist. Laboratory Balance Terms Accuracy. The ability of a scale to provide a result that is as close as possible to the actual […]

  • VTOL Drone WingtraOne Use in Wildlife Research Cuts Risk, Cost and Time

    The need for a rapid, cost-effective solution for monitoring an endangered sea mammal species led the team at Murdoch University, Australia, to evaluate UAV solutions: they quickly found their match in WingtraOne.     A bright orange drone taking off from a boat off the coast of Pilbara in north-western Australia is probably not the […]

  • How Drone Surveys Can Save Time and Improve Data Accuracy in Mining

    The mining industry depends on accuracy; cost and revenue calculations, sales forecasting, operational planning and other recurring tasks require constant tracking of activities. What is the current state of the mine? What volume of gravel was removed? How much can be deposited in the future? At Kies AG, the answers to these questions have long […]

  • The Significance of Materials Testing

    Materials Testing is conducted for many reasons. It can provide data regarding tested materials, prototypes and other product samples. Regulation of Industrial Materials The integrity of bridges, dams, nuclear reactors, roads, buildings and other infrastructure relies on the parts that make them up. Given the importance of this, the government enforces standards to ensure all […]

  • UAV Safety Tips

    There are risks associated with flying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) but by taking these risks into account, and by taking ample precaution, the operator can ensure that anyone in the surrounding area is safe and reduce the likelihood of damage to the UAV. Before Flying 1. Choose the Proper Environment Avoid places (if possible) […]

  • Low Environmental Impact Cabling Using GPS

    Jan De Nul’s Moonfish cable trencher on its maiden outing © JdN Need to lay 5 km of cabling through an environmentally sensitive area in 5 days? Sounds like a job for Sunfish, Moonfish and Isaac Newton. A New Offshore Windfarm The Race Bank windfarm, located about 27 km (16.8 mi.) off the Norfolk coast in England, […]

  • Drone Inspections Go Nuclear with GPS and RADAR

    High-precision GPS receivers mounted on drones able to identify 1 mm hairline defects in cooling towers Drones Rise To The Challenge How do you inspect a structure that’s almost 160 m high and 120 m in diameter? With a few weeks to spare, a crash course in abseiling and head for heights, you could certainly […]

  • GPS Spoofing: Is Your Receiver Ready for an Attack?

      Will Spoofers Eat My Children? GNSS users have long been wary about threats from jamming and now a new GNSS bogeyman has appeared. Unlike jamming which is intended to block GNSS signals, spoofers are altogether far more sinister. By replicating GNSS signals, a spoofer can fool a receiver into thinking that it’s elsewhere in […]