Schonsted XTPC-82

The XTpc-82 kHz operates in passive mode, three different active modes (conductive, inductive and clamp), and a sonde mode. In the passive mode the receiver searches for 60 Hz or 50 Hz signals (factory preset). In the active modes the transmitter operates at a frequency of 82 kHz. In the sonde mode the receiver searches for the signal transmitted by a small sonde that has been routed through a pipe. The sonde must be of the same frequency as the active frequency. In addition, the receiver can determine the approximate depth of the target (except in passive mode), and has the ability to operate in manual or automatic gain modes.

Product Number: GT-MIS10139


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  • Operates on 82kHz Frequency mode
  • Passive detection of 60Hz, sonde or cathodic frequency (optional)
  • One button depth measurement
  • Digital readout display of signal strength (peak)
  • LCD displays left, right and “on-target” indications (null)
  • Transmitter 8-Hours operational battery life (intermittent usage)
  • Audio & Visual Output
  • Battery & Sensitivity Indicators
  • Operates on a passive mode, three different modes (conductive, inductive and clamp), and a sonde mode.
  • Auto Transmitter Power off
  • Ergonomic & lightweight
  • Smallest for easy storage
  • 3-year warranty
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