Concrete Cube Molds

Cube Molds are accurately machined for casting 2in (51mm) and 50mm cubes

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HDP Plastic Cube Mold

HDP Plastic Cube Mold is machined of high-density polyethylene strips that assemble and disassemble easily, and are held together with heavy rubber straps. The three-gang mold forms 2x2in (51x51mm) samples and is used in cement, mortar and grout cube testing. It is corrosion-proof, easy to clean and store, and comes with a tamper, mold cover, and rubber straps. Meets dimensional tolerances described in ASTM C109.


  • Constructed of polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Easy to assemble


Stainless Steel Cube Mold

Stainless Steel Cube Mold molds three 2x2in (51x51mm) compression test cubes at the same time. This machined three-gang mold has a diagonal design and a detachable stainless steel base plate. The included wing nuts secure the mold to the base and secure the mold sections together. The units are highly resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.


  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Resists corrosion and easy to clean
  • Diagonal cube design
  • Mold and base secured with wing nuts and thumb screws


Bronze Cube Mold

Bronze Cube Molds are made of forged bronze and accurately machined for casting cubes in a diagonal arrangement. Wing-nut clamps secure mold halves to the detachable brass base plate. This is the mold of choice for testing of sulfur mortar capping compound cubes when fitted with the optional HM-299 Brass Cover Plate. The optional HM-309 1/2in thick Plastic Cover Plate also fits this mold for casting expansive grout cubes.

HM-294 is for 2x2in (51x51mm) samples, while HM-294M is used with 50x50mm samples.

HM-294C Bronze Cube Mold with Cover Plate, 2x2in (51x51mm) has machined alignment guides on top and bottom for easy, accurate positioning of included 0.25in (6.4mm) thick brass base and cover plates. It also comes with HM-298 Rubber Tamper. This mold is ideal for casting expansive grout samples as well as for conventional grouts and mortars, and is easily flipped over to compensate for worn top surfaces. Replacement Brass Cover Plates, Model HM-307C, are available separately.


  • Accurately machined for casting three cubes in a diagonal arrangement
  • Forged bronze construction
  • Capable of casting expansive grout cubes
  • Wing-nut assembly secures mold halves together


Econ-O-Cube Mold

Econ-O-Cube Mold casts 3 compression test cubes at one time in a diagonal arrangement. Mold and base are molded from an engineered plastic which resists cement, mortar and mild acids.


  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Forms 3 test cubes
  • Lightweight. Only 2 lbs.
  • Molded to ASTM C109 dimensional tolerances
  • Separates into 3 pieces for ease of cleaning
  • Rubber Tamper included with mold
  •  Mold and detachable base are held together by self-aligning thumb screws which ensure an even tight fit
  • Replacement hardware may be ordered
  • Must be purchased with plastic cover kit
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HDP Plastic Cube Mold

Product Dimension 9 x 4 x 3in (229 x 102 x 76mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)

Stainless Steel

Specimen Size HM-296: 2 x 2in (51 x 51mm)

HM-296M: 50 x 50mm (1.97 x 1.97in)

Estimated Shipping Weight 15.0lb (6.80kg)

Bronze Mold

Product Dimensions 11 x 4.5 x 2.5in (279 x 114 x 64mm) WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight HM-294: 14.0lb (6.35kg)

HM-294M: 15.0lb (6.80kg)

HM-294C: 18.0lb (8.16kg)

Econ-O-Cube Mold

Specimen Size 2 x 2in (51 x 51mm)
Product Dimensions 11.3 x 4.5 x 3in (287 x 114 x 76mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 4.0lb (1.81kg)