Stonex R35

Stonex R35/R35LR series is the most customizable Total Station of the market. Depending on the User needs, R35/R35LR comes with endless friction drives for continuous horizontal and vertical rotations, 2” accuracy and 600/1000 m reflectorless range.

Product Number: N/A


Stonex R35 and R35LR

This advanced Total Station is fully customizable: each user can choose the software that best suits own needs. Several onboard software to be chosen, such as Microsurvey FieldGenius, Carlson SurvCE, ANTAS Mobile and many Custom field applications.

In addition, the TFT 320×240 touchscreen display on both sides gives the Surveyor a clear, colorful and fully graphical environment. The user-friendly onboard software supports the users with guided through functions for data collection, topographic surveys, and staking out.

The high-precision class 3 EDM featuring millimeter accuracy even on long range distances, and the absolute encoders performing high precision angles measurements, provide reliable points calculation in every condition.


  • Guarantees high accuracy long range measurements digital phase laser ranging technology
    • Reflectorless mode: 600/1000 m
    • Using single prism with millimeter accuracy: 5000m
  • Users can choose and create their own onboard software
  • Monitor the changes and automatically adjusts the distance calculations


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