Stonex S10

Stonex S10 is a new generation of GNSS receiver featuring a complete set of commands that allow the user to customize any software application.

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S10 and S10Aup

The Stonex S10 is an advanced integrated GNSS Receiver multi-constellation with advanced features like automatic levelling, Tilt & Go, and Web UI login.

The sophisticated internal structure design organizes the internal GNSS antenna, GPS board, power board, RX/TX radio, smart battery, 3.5G module, BT module and Wi-Fi module in a way that optimizes performance, and power consumption.

The Stonex S10 is from the CORTEX-A8 platform with onboard LINUX smart system. It is possible to develop and install essential applications that run inside the S10 ecosystem with the provision of a special SDK package.

The Stonex S10Aup has all of the same features and benefits as the s10 plus additional correction capabilities via Atlas, a new feature that enhances the performance and potential of field surveying. It has now 600 channels that provide an excellent onboard real-time navigation solution with high accuracy.

aRTK & Atlas® Correction Service

The S10Aup automatically select the best combination of GNSS signals with the possibility to receive Atlas® real-time corrections when the connection signals are interrupted or not available. aRTK is an innovative feature available in S10Aup that significantly mitigates the impact of land-based communication instability.

  • aRTK delivered via satellite for uninterrupted centimetre positioning in areas where local RTK communication links are unstable.
  • aRTK provides an additional layer of communication redundancy to RTK users, ensuring that intermittent data connectivity does not impact productivity.

Thanks to aRTK the receiver is able to continue generating RTK positions in case the land-based RTK correction source becomes unavailable for a few minutes.

The Atlas® is a subscription for  S10A aimed to achieve three different levels of accuracy depending on subscription type that you need. It’s perfect when working in difficult areas because it gives precise positioning centimetres around the world.

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